Tender Growth: Blooming Beyond Harm & Nurturing Safer Spaces
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Tender Growth: Blooming Beyond Harm & Nurturing Safer Spaces

join us, kate & nikki, for a three hour workshop exploring care, healing and safety in creative communities. we will be in conversation, sharing our own personal experiences of building caring spaces. this workshop entangles the personal and the collective. we are curious about our shared experiences of healing and care, our relationship to music communities, and our work in organizing resistant spaces.  

this workshop is open to all who are looking to grow their knowledge of safer spaces, to take care of themselves and their communities, and to ask questions about why safety and inclusion are important. this workshop will be focusing on music communities. if you are a musician, volunteer, run a music venue, work for a music festival, security staff, a concert goer, a music photography, graphic designer, sound tech or lighting tech, manager, grant writer or workshop facilitator, or someone who has been excluded, harmed, or isolated from the music community -- this workshop is for you!

this workshop will be casual and creative, but not interactive. you will be invited to sit, listen, write notes, ask questions, flip through our zines and think alongside us as we share. for those fearful of crowd participation - you will not be asked to share! for those with burning questions - you will be welcome to ask questions and guide the conversation if you’d like.

if you’d like to join our workshop to learn more about safer spaces, taking care of yourself & others, and building creative communities, we would love for you to join us.

our registration fee is on a sliding scale of $10-$20.

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