A multidisciplinary workshop that turns towards repetitions, returns, renewals + remembering. What do we continually leave behind? What do we return to? Breathing in + breathing out, together we will write, read, drink tea + listen to sounds + words that gesture towards memory, imagination, breath, dreams and feelings that seem to repeat in our lives individually and collectively. The intention of this workshop is to open a soft sensory space to gently explore our lives deeper, to notice movement, and to explore the subtle shifts + returns that revolve. 

Participants will be seated or lying on yoga mats for the duration of the workshop – please wear + bring whatever supports will facilitate your comfort (such as a meditation cushion, a pillow, your favourite blanket, a cozy sweater). Bolsters, mats and blankets will be available. 

sunday february 18  //  4:30PM-6:30PM
nova yoga  //  125 long's hill, st. john's

$35 +hst // please pre-register here